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We turn vision into visuals.

Started in 2014, Digital Negative is a commercial photography studio that pursues more than just beautiful images. We create visuals that reflect a brand’s values and purpose. Because your business isn’t just defined by what it sells, but the story it tells of a better world that people want to be a part of.

We tell that story by weaving together the art of photography and the science of selling. A luxury watch becomes a priceless timepiece with the right shooting setup. A soft drink becomes a tease to the senses with some DI magic.

All this begins with a clear understanding of a project’s requirements, as well as its restraints. This is key to creating value beyond a photoshoot. Digital Negative doesn’t simply provide visual assets of a person or product. We integrate commercial photography seamlessly into your overall marketing efforts, so you can focus on what truly matters: delivering on your brand promise.

The Duo

" Photography isn’t just about angles and lighting. To me, it's visual problem solving, where design and image achieve harmony. We use pictures as a medium to express and elevate the design intent of a webpage, brochure, poster, etc. The goal is always to create a well thought out, impactful impression on your customer. "

Chris Yeow

Co-Founder / Photographer

" I believe that a business should be driven by its purpose to solve a unique problem. It is this belief that connects the brand to its customers. Our goal is to understand your purpose and reflect them in the visuals. Because shooting awesome photos is never enough — they need to be inspired by an insight that speaks loud and clear to your customer. "

Sam Yeow

Co-Founder / Photographer

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