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When it comes to corporate photo taking, getting professional photographers to do your company’s photography (Corporate, Food or Product Photography) is something many businesses don’t see as a necessary cost and in some cases extra cost. And when it comes to talking about business expansion or marketing, the mention of hiring a professional photographer tends to result in an unwanted glare as if a taboo was mentioned.

When discussions on ideas about growing your business are underway, the idea of hiring professional help rarely gets brought up, if ever. “Can’t we just use some stock photos of the net and edit them?” Sure with the rise of stock photography sites and even Software as a service sites (SAAS for short) that provide templates, one may argue that hiring a professional photographer is not required any more.

Well, the truth is that while hiring a professional photographer may lead to extra costs, the benefits of hiring one are plenty and they are actually key to the growth of a business. Our article today will run through some of they key benefits and how hiring one helps grow your business.

Photos represent your business and who you are.

Photos are a visual representation of your product and services. A well done photo will allow you to leave a unique impression on your clients and provide them with a visual link to your product and make them go “Ah-Ha, I know what that product is!”.

Low quality photos give off the wrong impression about your product and your business and there is a chance that your customers might get the wrong idea about your product.

An example of our client H’Skin, who used her own photos before realising that by doing that they were unable to achieve their desired result of showing that they had a professional product and they were not just another Skincare company.

Lack of professionalism

Yes stock photos are plenty these days with many sites providing them for free or at reasonable rates. However, since they are stock it means that it’s available for others to use as well, including your competitors! This leads to a lack of brand and company identity and this may affect your company image and therefore sales. You wouldn’t want a customer to realize that you’re using the same photo they saw at your competitors now would you!

Helps for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimsation is the idea of optimising your website in various ways to help your website become more visible for searches of the key things that your potential customers would search for looking for. There are many elements to SEO, and one element is images. Original photos that are on your site can actually be ranked and they help to boost your website. This leads to more traffic which in turn leads to more customers and a bigger business!

They understand your needs

Professional Photographers are trained and taught to understand a customer’s desired outcome for the shoot and what are the customer’s reasons for taking a shoot. Add your needs to their skill and experience, this helps them bring out the best in your photos to ensure that your photos become a marketing tool and not a liability.

Good photos sell

Continuing from the above, having a good product photo that combines your needs and what your customers want allows you to bring out the best in your product and attract more customers, making it a money-making option than another expense on your accounts. Successful print media advertisement campaigns always use professional photographers and it’s hard to see the reason why not to.

So if you’re thinking of taking your business to the next level, we highly recommend that you bring in a professional photographer into the budget and combined it with a successful marketing strategy. Reap the benefits of hiring a professional photographer today!

If you are looking for one, Digital Negative is a professional photography studio based in Singapore. We provide professional photography services that cover food photography, product photography, and corporate photography. Contact us here for more details!

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash