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There was once a cartoon depicting a business owner asking a designer why should he (the business owner) pay the designer $5,000 for a job that only took the designer 10 minutes to complete? “It took me ten years,” the designer answers wryly, “to learn how to do that in 10 minutes.” Similarly, for a professional photographer, the value that a professional photographer creates is not reflected by the amount of time the spent taking or editing pictures. The goal of quality photography is to arouse certain emotions in the target audience – especially that of enticing them to feel favourably of and desiring your product.

The Difference Between a Professional and an Amateur

Pressing the shutter on a camera doesn’t make you a photographer, as much as frying an egg doesn’t make you a chef. A professional photographer does much more and beyond the mere taking of photos: he or she is the one who builds and creates the photo. It’s more than just a click of the shutter; it’s a form of art. And like all forms of art, it requires a lot of time and effort to master the craft. The goal of a professional photographer is not just taking a ‘nice photograph with a fancy camera’, the professional set the mood to entice consumers to desire a product. The value itself is priceless.

Value of a purpose-intent photographs

Nothing showcases your product better than a well-taken picture. The most effectively way to grab the attention of your target audience is through the use of high quality images. People also generally and naturally know to appreciate pictures of high qualities. Is the image on your desktop background a sharp, clear image, or a pixelated one? My guess is the former, and there is no particular reason why you use a high quality image over a lousy one other than it looks nicer and makes you feel better.

As more consumer shop online these days, a professionally take photo has the ability to help improve the image and trustworthiness of your business. It sends a message that you are serious about your goods and services and that you care about the consumers. No one is likely to buy from a site that has cheap looking product, caused by bad photography. The product itself may be of good quality, but lousy photography can ruin the image of your product, and ultimately your business.

No good investment comes cheap

You get what you pay for. And for most people who don’t pay for photography, they do not provide anything good for the business. Hiring a professional photographer is an investment, and there will be returns over time. If you’re intending your business to survive in the long haul, there is no better time to start investing in professional shots for your business than from the beginning. Good investors think long-term; it is the same for professional photography for your business. The question hence, is not why professional photographers cost so much, but is the value they provide worth it?

Photo by Ales Nesetril on Unsplash